General Information

PLACE: Regent Warsaw Hotel, Belwederska 23, 00-761 Warsaw, Poland We invite you to the Conference ‘The Synovial TEMPOROMANDIBULAR Joint’ and a two-module workshop taught by Professor Mariano Rocabado ‘Craniocervical and craniomandibular dysfunctions. Diagnosis and approach to treating temporomandibular joint’. We are physiotherapists who are passionate about their work. For many years we have been supporting doctors of various specialties. We treat TMJ conditions as well as the head and whole body dysfunctions. We believe in team work and close collaboration between physios, doctors and speech therapists, as we have seen on many occasions how exceptional and effective it can be. Professor Mariano Rocabado, a world-known TMJ specialist, has been examining and treating TMJ dysfunctions for many decades. We had the privilege to meet professor Rocabado in December last year during a PASE meeting. We invited professor Rocabado to teach a workshop on craniomandibular and craniocervial dysfunctions to specialists in our country. In addition to this exceptional event, we decided to host a conference and invited professor Rocabado to give three lectures (see the agenda). As hosts of both these events, we feel extremely happy and challenged and at the same time. It is with the utmost dedication and enthusiasm that we are preparing this event, believing that bringing together specialists who treat, either directly or indirectly, the TMJ will help establish a new standard of treating patients, one that ensures greater effectiveness. We also invite orthodontists and dentists, as well as physiotherapists to participate in a two-module workshop (module I March 5-9, 2018 and module II September 5-9, 2018. More details HERE). The workshop is meant to equip the participants with a detailed knowledge of the relationship between the cervical spine (but not only) and occlusion. (See the AGENDA). We are convinced that orthodontists, dentists, physiotherapists, oral surgeons and speech therapists will learn a lot from various fields other than their own. Based on case studies, the participants will learn what TMJ problems each specialization deals with and what are the methods of their successful resolution. The lectures will be exhaustive and will last from 60 to up to 90 minutes to give all speakers the chance to present their approach to TMJ dysfunctions in detail. On behalf of professor Mariano Rocabado, our guest speakers and ourselves, we invite you to participate in both events. The Sponsors Beata and Łukasz Kaczmarek HOLIMEDICA’s physiotherapists